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Net Worth = Assets - Liabilities (Debts)

What is my net worth?

Your net worth is your assets minus your debts/liablities. Assets include cash, investments, real estate properties, cars or anything else of value you own. Liabilities are what you owe on those assests including car loans, mortgage and student loan debt.

How do I improve my net worth?

You can improve your net worth by making your assets larger and/or making your debts smaller. You can achieve this by paying off high interest debts, working overtime, saving and investing money, and reducing your spending.

Is negative net worth bad?

Yes, but it is not uncommon. When you have more debts than assets, you have a negative net worth. For example, most people cannot afford to pay off a house so they borrow mortage from banks (liability) and end up with a negative net worth. If you do not waste money and keep paying off your debts on time, your net worth will soon become positive.

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