Salary Calculator

Looking to convert multiple pay rates at the same time without re-loading the page or changing pairs? You are in luck because our salary calculator app will do just that, and nothing more. There is no confusing dropdown menus, no selection pages, just salary conversion, period.

The app is lightweight and you can start typing as soon as the screen is loaded. The numeric keyboard is specifically designed for this app. It has floating point option, number sliders for "hours you work a day" and "days you work a week", which many other wage converter apps out there do not include.

This app is great for job seekers who want to see how much a job is paid on a regular basis. You can also use this app to see how big of a difference does it make if you get a raise at your current job.

Supported Salary Conversion:

  • Hourly Wage
  • Daily Wage
  • Weekly Wage
  • Bi-Weekly Wage
  • Monthly Wage
  • Yearly Wage
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